Equipment and Weapons

Equipment and Technology Level

Transhuman Space is a mature TL 10 society with no superscience. There are even some TL 11 advancements being made in nanotechnology and biotechnology. The original setting has intentionally retarded energy weapon technologies, particularly portable quick discharge stored energy technology. This was largely due to the poorly balanced energy weapons at TL9 and above. In 4th Edition Ultra Tech, these issues were largely fixed and the power level of most energy weapons is now actually more appropriate to the setting. Therefore, all TL 10 technologies from Ultra Tech 4E will be available. Any superscience (TL^) technologies are strictly forbidden.

Advanced Firearms

THS makes significant use of advanced ammunition types. Many specialized types of ammo are available, but the most common is the High Explosive Multi-Purpose (HEMP) guided micro- or mini-missile. Rules are available for these weapons in Transhuman Space: Changing Times and Ultra Tech. Otherwise, we will use the full gamut of TL10 projectile weapons, including gauss and ETC firearms. However, the Legality Classes of these weapons may be modified depending on where in the Solar System one is located. In almost all cases, ETC and gauss weapons will be considered military-grade hardware and limited appropriately.

Specialist Ammo Restrictions

I’m considering making the “smart ammo” types incompatible with gauss weapons. I’ll have to think about it more.

Energy Weapons

With the update to 4th Edition, energy weapons are not nearly as broken as they were in 3rd Edition GURPS. THS deliberately omitted all energy weapons primarily because of this problem. With the move to 4th Edition, however, there is less need to avoid beam weapons, as long as you steer clear of superscience. As a TL10 culture, the Fifth Wave will have access to TL 10 high energy lasers. These will often be Ultraviolet lasers for use in space (1/2 damage, but triple range). While effective, military laser rifles have not replaced projectile weapons in line military units simply because the ammo weighs so much. For example, a military laser rifle uses a D cell in a separate power pack that weighs at least 5 pounds and gets 83 shots. A typical assault carbine gets 50 shots per 1.5 pounds, or ~166 shots per 5 pounds. Lasers see plenty of use with special forces, paramilitary, and police sniper units. They are also popular weapons in the criminal underground because of their accuracy and lethality against non-military-grade armor.

In most places, lasers are quite illegal for ownership by civilians. However, in the scheme of things, they are no more illegal than most other military-grade weapons that PCs could conceivably want to get their hands on. The one exception is electrolasers, which are quite common and can be owned by civilians after a relatively simple permitting process.

Gear and Legality Class

Every piece of gear in GURPS has a Legality Class, an LC. This number ranges from 0 to 4, with increasing numbers meaning increased legality – an LC 4 item is more often legal to carry than an LC 0 item.

0……..Banned; weapons of mass destruction.
1……..Military; heavy weapons, tanks, air defense missiles, etc.
2……..Restricted; light assault weapons, concealed handguns, lockpicks, dangerous drugs, etc.
3……..Licensed; Handguns, hunting guns, most vehicles, medical equipment, etc.
4……..Open; nonlethal weapons, computers, tools, first-aid kits, etc.

Control Rating is a measurement of the amount of control a government exercises, and is primarily used to determine the legality of various pieces of equipment. Those with Social Stigma: Criminal Record within the jurisdiction treat the LC of every piece of equipment as if it were one lower. Similarly, concealment of a weapon lowers its LC by one.

Control Description
LC = CR + 1 The item is completely unrestricted.
LC = CR The item is unrestricted; registration may be required, but there is no permit fee.
LC = CR – 1 A license is required to own or carry the item.
LC = CR – 2 Restricted to law enforcement or the military only.
LC = CR – 3 Restricted to the military or secret police only.

Transhuman Space has numerous areas with all ranges of CR. It is best to do some research before physically traveling to a location to ensure that no illegal items are carried around. Some common CRs are as follows: European Union (CR2-3 is most typical); China (CR 5, but some CR 2 zones); India (CR 4); USA (CR 3); Montreal (CR 2). All CRs can be determined nearly instantly by anyone’s AI with an Easy Research check.

In order to purchase low-LC gear, a character must either have an advantage providing legal access to that gear, the Better Gear (Lower LC) perk, which represents a black-market contact, or pay a 50% premium on the price of the gear to purchase them on the black market at black market rates.

In order to legally own or carry low-LC gear, a character must have either a Permit perk for that class of gear or one of an appropriate Legal Immunity, Legal Enforcement Powers, a Corporate Patron, or Corporate, Police, or Military Rank. Corporate Patron or Rank only applies to areas the corporation is welcome; it does not apply in a competitor’s offices or in many high-security areas not related to the corporation involved.

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Equipment and Weapons

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