In the Shadows of Venus

Session 16 -- The Battle Begins

Are those mechanical Shelobs??

John Foster mentions that previously his resistance movement has lacked strategic leadership. Their goal is to get Rachel Morris out of the Arcology quickly to help spread their story. John also hands over a second data cube to Aleksy which contains a map with the location they believe she is kept. Unfortunately they only can provide a map to an elevator near the construction zone. However beyond that elevator they don’t have information on the layout.

Foster indicates that his forces will provide a distraction (about sixty of them) and that will allow our group to access the construction area. He also mentions that they can provide limited equipment to us; he goes down a short list but we seem to get the sense that they are holding back on something. Foster mentions that they were holding back on some equipment to maximize their “distraction” but that they might be more useful to us. He also indicates that they’ll provide us some micromissile pods in case we run into some heavier cybershells.

We figure that whatever distraction John Foster and his people put on it needs to last for awhile – about an hour and a half, based on what we need to do in the construction area.

After deliberation we come up with a plan. For starters, Satori will provide false intelligence to the security AI’s that will lead some of their forces into ambushes. Shortly after the dissenters to incite a riot at the main entrance/exit to the Arcology. From there the rioters will retreat to one of the nearby buildings and hole up there. Meanwhile a small group of Hunter, Aleksy, Carlos and Spencer will break into the construction zone to locate the medical lab where we believe Rachel is being held and retrieve her, then get her out. IQ will provide strategic leadership overall while Satori provides support from his safe room.

We execute the plan. In the first half-hour our “distraction” begins, successfully taking the security forces by surprise and leaving them confused afterwards as we prepare to move towards our defensible positions. Casualties are at about 10% on either side.

Meanwhile at the elevator Spencer, Aleksy, Hunter and Carlos make their entrance. Spencer takes a PDW, Aleksy and Carlos take the ETC shotguns with micromissile pods attached, and Hunter takes his standard pistol. The PDW has 3 magazines of APHC, while the shotguns each have 16 total shells of APDS apiece. Aleksy and Spencer keep their sneak suits engaged. Spencer hacks into the control systems to open it. He’s able to do so in a non-destructive manner so that it looks as though nothing is amiss. We leave surveillance in the elevator to alert us to when it’s used next. We ride the elevator down a couple stories underground. The elevator opens into a hallway chewed out of solid rock by construction swarms. The lighting is dim but our optics are able to compensate. We take off down a corridor towards a robotic factory. After about eight yards we hit a “T” intersection, at which we turn left. However as we get ready to turn Spencer is able to discern some seams in the wall that look like a well-concealed secret door.

The first time Spencer isn’t able to hack it so, after consulting with his companions, they agree to continue covering him while he tries again. Unfortunately he comes to the same result. Three minutes into the attempt the left-hand door opens to emit some kind of arachnid robot. On reflex Carlos fires two armor-piercing slugs at the creature, hitting it squarely but failing to severely wound it. The creature scuttles up to Carlos. Some of us recognize the creature as a polypede as two more follow it out from the door behind. Aleksy is able to turn and fire off a shot at the near one, hitting it squarely in its center of mass twice. Spencer rattles off nine rounds from his SMG which wounds it slightly and seems to slow it down slightly but not stop it.

Carlos, seeing how Spencer’s fire slowed the creature, aims at what look to be its vital components and hits twice solidly. The creature is unable to sustain functionality with that blow and it shuts down. The one behind tries to grab Carlos but he’s able to dodge out of the way of its steely grasp. Aleksy shouts at Hunter to move out of the way and after Hunter relocates, aiming for its vital components. However as he fires the creature dodges out of the way. Spencer is able to use its dodging movement to fire off nine more shots at its vitals, striking it critically, stunning it.

The robot in back tries to scramble over its disabled brother and grapple Spencer but is unable to do so effectively. Carlos fires his remaining two loaded shotgun rounds at the last one that’s standing but it dodges out of the way. Aleksy begins aiming his micromissile launcher at the dogpile of creatures. Spencer unloads another nine rounds in the one that grabbed for him, wounding it badly but not enough to stop it yet.

Carlos, now out of ammo, drops his shotgun and prepares to defend himself against the grapple, parrying the creature’s attempt to grab him. Aleksy’s micromissile streaks out of the launcher, putting a hole into it that it can’t recover from. Spencer tries again to fire nine rounds into the vitals of only operational one but is unable to connect with any of the rounds. It lunges for Aleksy, who dodges backwards out of the way. He’s able to strike it squarely in its vitals with his remaining two rounds. Both rounds do severe damage to the creature, which ceases operating before it even hits the ground from the force of the shot.

With the enemies dealt with Spencer resumes operating on the door.

We all get three character points.