In the Shadows of Venus

Session 18 -- The Finale

It's over...for now.

After Satori’s encounter aboveground those in the construction zone head to the elevator but find it deactivated. Spencer attempts to reactivate but his initial attempt fails as James’ dice continue to express their considerable ire for his existence. As Satori happens to be up top he tries to use the elevator but it still doesn’t work. Spencer tries yet again and his dice continue to spit in his face. Aleksey gives it a shot and this time is successful.

Meanwhile Rachel Morris is out of nano-stasis and can move around with assistance. While the underground crew fiddles with the elevator Satori tries to initiate a wipe of the computer core of the cybershell that the emergent AI previously inhabited. Out of the corner of his eye Satori sees several security guards waddling towards him. He radios those underground and lets them know he’s encountered company and may need to depart. He also tries to contact the security AI that’s controlling the guards but realizes that might not accomplish much.

With about 20 seconds before the two guards arrive Satori tries to stall the guards as they walk up to him. They seem to ignore Satori and head straight for the cybershell, attempting to carry it away. The guards are clearly being puppetted, likely by some kind of stored instruction set, Satori realizes. After the men turn their backs to Satori he takes aim at one of them after a few seconds and fires his electrolaser after one is about seven yards away. He hits one of them squarely with three shots, dropping him as he begins to do a poor impression of the Robot.

One of the other guards turns, quick-drawing his pistol and smoothly turns and fires back but his shots go wide. Satori returns fire and hits again with three shots, dropping that one as well while he begins doing an abbreviated version of the hokey-pokey while lying on the ground.

Satori cufftapes the two guards, keeps his electrolaser at the ready, while Aleksy and Spencer come up the elevator. They confer briefly with Satori and Aleksy begins using his large knife for some impromptu surgery on the cyberdoll to get at its memory core. He destroys it. Just to make sure we take the remainder of the body and co-locate it with the explosives we’re to blow a hole in the building with.

Meanwhile Satori tries to contact IQ to appraise him of the situation and is successful. He lets IQ know that they should be heading out in the next ten minutes or so. IQ, meanwhile, continues the fight. He begins to retreat his forces in the face of an all-out attack from the enemy and is slightly wounded but is able to continue.

We decide that an effective distraction is in order, perhaps in the nature of a large explosion in the wall of the Arcology. Hunter sets the explosives and detonates them, setting off quite a few alarms within the entire facility. We immediately radio for the car and head outside. Spencer radios to Argus group to let them know we have Rachel and are headed out. It takes about ten minutes for the car to arrive. Everyone but Spencer takes off to hide with Rachel. Spencer hides using his stealth suit near our impromptu exit, waiting for IQ to try and leave.

IQ’s forces are now in full retreat, which he’s able to pull off successfully. He escapes along with a large number of other individuals who stream out into the forest. Spencer connects with IQ and they head to meet with the others already outside. We all pile into the car and head back to civilization in Prince Albert. We pile into a waiting aircar and head back to Montreal where we are debriefed.

In the next week we see on the news the story of the Arcology’s fall. The Starfire consortium’s management is arrested while the Canadian government takes over management of the arcology. All of the AI’s still within the Arcology are inspected by Canadian governmental officers. The emergent AI has vanished without trace. Absent from the news stories is information on the mnemetic experimentation that was going on within the Arcology. Satori publishes a journal article about it, which goes under review.

We get a month of paid administrative leave. Spencer gets a boosted heart installed during the downtime.

We get a cutscene of two shady individuals talking on the internet about something with project security and investigating/terminating members of the Argus group.

Time passes. We all get notification that we need to meet with Emma immediately in VR. She thanks us for coming. Emma seems unsure how to proceed but she informs us that we’ve all been fired, effective immediately, and is unable to find any knowledge of why. We all get a month of severance pay deposited into our accounts. In total we have two months’ pay saved up. We also all get five (not seven!) character points.



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