In the Shadows of Venus

Session 9/10 -- The Big Fight!

And this one gets wrapped up in a bow...

After some discussion we come up with a tactical arrangement:

(picture that I haven’t figured out how to upload to OP)

Additionally we place surveillance near the two access ramps so we can know about any vehicles that access it, as the highway is rarely used. We’ll have a fifth buzzbot that’s elsewhere to respond to the elevated highway if needed. We place an explosive charge to blow out the exterior door in the northwest corner (“door #1”) and tangler grenades at the entrances on remote detonators. Carlos will take the room in the northwest corner and Aleksy will hide in the rubble pile in the southeast corner. The two people ready to meet the buyers will be Carlos and Hunter while Aleksy is hiding in the southeast corner by the rubble. Spencer is hidden in the northwest room. Carlos borrows Aleksy’s SMG. We park our SUV out back. We split the goods up into separate cases next to all of us to avoid explosions in our general vicinity, lest they destroy the merchandise.

We receive notification from the Maple Syndicate that the coordinates for the meet have been transmitted. At the appointed meeting time a smart car shows up outside north and slightly west of the building. Another one shows up southwest of the building, on the back side. The northwest vehicle disgorges a volkspider that trundles up to the building and announces it wants to inspect the merchandise before any payment. Hunter bristles at them bringing a second vehicle and demands they remove the second vehicle first as we obviously have a small presence inside the building and don’t care to be outnumbered. They flatly refuse. The volkspider walks in a short distance further and once again asks to view the merchandise. We see both SUV’s disgorge armed guys; three in back and three out front. Q starts the engine of the SUV out back in preparation to use it to block off the back alley if needed.

Hunter recognizes that the speech coming through the volkspider sounds very much like Alex. Hunter mentions this to Spencer and asks him to see if the transmission can be traced. Spencer lets him know we don’t have the gear to do that.

Meanwhile things escalate in the conversation between Hunter and the volkspider (Alex). Alex announces that they’re taking aim at Hunter with a missile while outside one of the men out front kneels and takes aim. Hunter shows them that the case he’s standing over is not empty; Alex indicates that he doesn’t especially care. The Techspider skitters outside; Hunter and Carlos take cover.

The buzzbot on the freeway takes aim at the guy who’s aiming at us. As the guys in back begin moving towards the alley they unload on our vehicle out back, damaging it severely and halving its movement. It still begins backing up towards the mouth of the alley slowly. The car makes its roll to remain conscious.

Carlos takes aim at one of the bad guys through the rear hole in the building while staying in heavy cover. IQ gives his buzzbots orders to pick targets and to engage once the bad guys begin firing. Aleksy covers the rear entrance as does Hunter. The bad guys in back move up towards the rear entrance and the guys out front move towards their entrances. We all root for them to try door #1. Spencer takes cover in his room and begins aiming at one of the bad guys out the rear door. Alex’s techspider moves up and takes the northeast corner.

Next round. Carlos loses aim at his original target but picks up a new one for his action this round. Aleksy continues to threaten a square of the rear entrance. The car rolls and fails to pass out. However while it rolls forward slightly it isn’t really able to move forward further. Spencer continues to aim out his room at the approaching bad guy. As one of the bad guys walks within a hex of door #1 Hunter sets off the explosive, throwing him back three yards.

Next round. Carlos takes a shot at the one he can see after taking a turn of aim, unloading 15 SMG rounds into a poor bad guy who is blown back and out of the fight. Aleksy continues watching the back door. Hunter ducks down behind cover. As one crosses his aim Aleksy rattles off 15 shots at him with his rifle, hitting with five. A spray of blood erupts as one hits a vital spot while the remaining shots tear into him painfully. He quickly comes to regret getting out of bed in the morning as a hail of lead ventilates his skin and knocks him out of the fight. As one of the bad guys walks up to the corner of the front entrance Hunter sets off one of the explosives. At first it looks like it only glances the bad guy but the spray of blood and body parts tell another tale as his body density takes a dramatic dive (image at right). The volkspider is blown backwards two full yards by the blast despite it being three yards away from the blast; it regains its footing quickly. Spencer takes aim at the back door to threaten one of the squares. The volkspider stops moving as if it were no longer being operated. The one remaining bad guy at the rear retreats towards his car.

Next round, although we’re somewhat out of rounds at this point as this has turned into a rout. IQ orders his buzzbots to fire on the attackers’ vehicles, attacking the tires; the ones he targets explode and disable the vehicles.

The remaining two lay down arms and surrender. Hunter examines the survivors, who are in very bad shape. Hunter is able to do some dramatic field surgery and save one more of them; alltogether three survive, whom we put Faraday bags over the heads of. As for loot, Carlos takes an ASCX 2088 Storm Carbine death machine weapon. There are some ETE shotguns, some PDWs and pistols, electrolasers and a shotgun with a micromissile pod attached that finds a loving new home with Aleksy.

Carlos goes over to gaze over his victims but is able to restrain himself from further hurting them. As soon as the bad guys surrender Spencer runs over to the volkspider to try and get something useful out of it; it’s shut down.

We quickly realize that there’s an additional person sitting in the front vehicle, who comes out with his hands up (picture at right). As it turns out it’s Alex. We call up the Maple Syndicate, who says they’ve been watching and are on their way. He’s rather un-talkative; we toss a Faraday bag over his head and restrain him. Hunter verifies his identity on the way back and Spencer reports to Argus that we have Alex in custody.

We all generate a two-point contact in the form of Gardner. The Maples show up; they agree to let us take Alex while they take the rest of the Asians, and let us take the weapons too.

We return to our safe house with our loot and with Alex. Spencer immediately begins hacking worthwhile weapons so they can be useable, starting with the ASCX. We drive back and get a commendation from Argus group on a job well done. Spencer reroutes delivery of Carlos’ combat shotgun back home.

Back home, enough time elapses that we all get paid a lot; in fact we get paid twice over the course of the available time. For 20-pt wealthy sort you’ll get $20,400 (after living expenses) at the beginning of the time off and the same again at the end of the period.