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This is our campaign homepage. It will feature a short description of the campaign concept and include some links to the Wiki’s Main Page.

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with Transhuman Space. Here’s a blurb commonly found online:

This was no smuggler’s drop station — it was a nest, a full-scale birth factory. The interior was filled with gene sequencers and biogenesis tanks. They held skeletal, half-formed, and fully adult bioroids, the latter already immersed in virtuality training simulations. Some were pleasure models, minds and bodies warped to satisfy jaded tastes of farhaulers and vacworkers. Others were combat bioroids, pirated from decades-old Biotech Euphrates designs.
The crew boss running the station killed himself rather than surrender. He was too late. Resolution’s surgeon acted quickly; the bush robot salvaged enough of the boss’s neurons to create a mind emulation. The uploaded memories confirmed this was a Martian Triad operation, set up by yet another cross-sex clone of the notorious Dr. Mara Omokage. The combat bioroids were destined for sale to the Europa Defense Front, living weapons intended to wage their bloody proxy-war against the Green Duncanite pantropists for control of Europa’s destiny. He also revealed even more disturbing intelligence: Morrigan’s Rock was just one of a dozen asteroid bio-factories in existence, their exact locations known only to the Martian Triad’s senior cadres.
In her cabin aboard Resolution, Captain Penny Ironside read the interrogation transcript and raised one eyebrow. The Martian Triads … combat bioroids … and a Europa connection. This mess had “Agency” written all over it. It was time she had a word with America’s SIA.

That’s the kind of thing to expect out of this campaign. Here’s a page from the Changing Times 4th Edition booklet on using THS with GURPS 4th Edition: New Player Guide

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In the Shadows of Venus

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