House Rules

Alternate Rapid Fire Rules

Removed. Decided they didn’t work for me.

High Skill Complementary Skill Usage

Rather than a straight +1 for a success or +2 for a critical success, high skill can now provide a higher bonus. If your modified skill is greater than 16, and you succeed by 10 or more, you receive a +2 bonus. If you also critically succeed, you receive a +3 bonus.

Cybershell Insurance

I would tend to assume that a cybershell is typically injured “on the job,” as it were. That suggests a monthly job success roll.

For a high-risk job, I would say that any critical failure requires a replacement body. A critical failure is a 17 or 18 on 3d for most characters. That’s 4/216 or 1/54. Rounding slightly, I’d made it 2% per month, or 1 chance in 50. So, if you have 50 identically priced cybershells, you will have to replace one a month, on average. Actuarially fair insurance, plus a bit for overhead, will be about 1/50 of the purchase price.

By the same logic, a moderate risk cybershell would pay 1/200 of its cost per month. And a low-risk one might pay 1/1000, virtually all going to administration and the inherent randomness.

That’s not a sophisticated model; it’s just a handwave that’s probably good enough for most games.

House Rules

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